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A year after the bankruptcy

As the Schlecker's bankruptcy has changed the market

Exactly a year ago requested Schlecker insolvency. The bankruptcy, the drugstore chain has changed the entire market, says Boris Hedde from the Institute for Business Research. In an interview with tagesschau.de he explains how the competitors have responded - and who has benefited the most.
tagesschau.de: How the Schlecker drugstore bust has changed the market in Germany?
Boris Hedde: The Schlecker's bankruptcy has hit into a big hole in the market.There are probably few industries that have in the last years has undergone a big change. Just imagine: there are a total of about 25 billion euros reacted with dry goods in Germany - and it is about one in ten euros at Schlecker went over the counter. This is a huge pound, which is missing in the market suddenly.


Boris Hebbe (Photo: ifhkoeln.de)
Boris Hedde since the end of 2009, Managing Director of the Institute of Business Research in Cologne. He has been almost ten years, with market research in the field of brand and communication.
tagesschau.de: Who has benefited the most from the Schlecker's bankruptcy, where the customers are migrated?
Hedde: First of all to the direct competitors, who have positioned themselves as the first. DM, Rossmann, Budnikowsky and Co. are probably the biggest winners. About 80 percent of the amount that Schlecker has implemented in these channels have migrated.
tagesschau.de: And the other 20 percent?
Hedde: The other 20 percent are spread throughout the market. There are different distribution channels: starting with supermarkets, discount stores, department stores, perfumeries and pharmacies, to retailers such as natural cosmetics retailer. They all want their share of the pie, of course, gotten.
From this circle next to the drugstore a second big winner has revealed that the food retailers. Just Edeka, Rewe and other independent entrepreneurs have recognized the opportunity and optimized its range and its entire product presentation in stores to take advantage of the customer. At the end of the day it worked out well.
tagesschau.de: The food retailers have so actively trying to secure a portion of the customer base?
Logo of the drugstore chain Schlecker (photo: picture alliance / dpa)Enlarge ImageTo pull the Schlecker customers into their stores, retailers developed their own tactics.Hedde: Absolutely. It has considered: How do I go myself from strategically?It's like playing chess, you could almost say. The traders were thinking: Well, I'm near a Schlecker store, how can I retain customers who are otherwise always gone to Schlecker at me. Some have proceeded in a manner that they have managers poached by other drugstores. Others have established their own brands. Thus, special trademarks for drugstore products have emerged, offering only the respective dealer exclusive. A number merchant has to consider how they can reassemble the range and feature them in different markets. This chess game have been in the food industry, especially independent retailers benefit.
tagesschau.de: Shrinks then the drugstore, because part of the customer migrates to food retailers?
Hedde: That can not be said. On the one hand, the market for dry goods is growing, according to calculations of our Institute since 2000 at an annual 1.3 percent. This corresponds roughly to the same growth rate as in the field of nutritional products. Now, our society is aging, has a great single-component and in particular men deal today - unlike in previous generations - and more intense with the cosmetic issues. Therefore it can be assumed that the market for dry goods in the coming years will continue to grow.
This in turn means expansion opportunities for all forms of marketing and dealer. At the end of those formats will be most successful, the best service the customer expectations. The drugstore is - ironically because of Schlecker - now an integral part of the average German, visited shopping places. Arithmetically, the average German goes 15 times a year in a drug store. That will not change as quickly.


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